Well-Being For All

A world of high speed connectivity, privacy and CALM is possible. Without microcells.

O Canada: A Call to Action  

The push is on to install 4G and 5G transmitters - called microcells - on our streets. Industry promises these wireless networks will bring smart cities, driverless cars, and ultra-fast video download speeds. Government says they will secure a prosperous and sustainable future. The truth? 

These small cell "towers" jeopardize our property values, our cyber and national security, our environment, and our health. Yet in Canada, we have no say about whether they are placed right by our homes. Better, speedier, and safer connectivity options are available, but we cannot rely on profit-driven corporations to promote them. 

Now is the time to join our voices and demand responsible technology. 

Why Go Wireless When Wired Fiber-to-the-Premises is much Faster, Safer & more Energy Efficient than 5G?

Wired fiber optic networks are the smart way to cross the Digital Divide. Microcells rely on fiber to function. Skip the wireless transmitters and you have the best connectivity possible. Perfect for meeting 21st Century "Smart CIty" applications. Communities can even build wired fiber networks themselves, keeping the information highway open and in local hands.