Safer Technology

Industry responds to what people want in their gadgets: more data, faster downloads, more pixels.

Until consumers awaken to the dangers of wireless tech and demand fiber connected directly to the home and an end to ubiquitous wireless connectivity and devices, here are some suggestions for using technology more safely. 

10 Steps to Safer Technology At Home

Safe technology at home is simple once you know the steps.

Please note – the Team at CALM does not a cell phone and does not encourage you to use one either.

With thanks to Justis for All. Find full details on their site Here.

1. Distance Is Your Friend

~ Don’t use or carry operating wireless devices next to your body.

2. Airplane Mode ON, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth OFF

3. Use non-Wireless Connections

~Opt out of smart utility meters and keep your analog meters.

~ Get a corded landline for your home.

4. Turn It Off When Not In Use

~ Download lengthy electronic documents, then read offline with WiFi off

5. Power OFF Wireless Devices When Driving

6. If you must use a Cell Phone, Use it Safely

~ Use the speaker function to keep the phone away from your head

~ Text instead of call

~ Put phones in “airplane” mode when using as an alarm clock or camera

7. Safeguard Your Sleep

~ Keep wireless devices out of your bedroom while sleeping.

~ Wire your Internet. If you must use WiFi, put your router on a timer to switch it off at night.

8. Decrease the Power of the Signal

9. Decrease Time and Length of Wireless Device Use

10. Read the Fine Print

All wireless devices come with warnings  that they are NOT safe to use if held directly to the body.






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