Well-Being For All

A world of high speed connectivity, privacy and CALM is possible. Without microcells or 5G.

O Canada: A Call to Action  

The push is on to install 4th & 5th generation cellular transmitters - called microcells or small cells - on our streets.

Why the focus on microcells? Partly because we like the acronym (who doesn’t need a little more calm in their life?) but mostly because microcells are a tangible symbol of the wireless-all-the-way world big Telecom is building - often without our consent or knowledge.

"Small cells" jeopardize our property values, privacy, environment, and health. Yet in Canada, we have no choice about whether they are placed right by our homes.

Many of us like using cell phones and wireless tech. In truth, we are addicted to them. But are they safe? Can our planet support 5G in space and unlimited wireless growth on land? Are there better options?

Fiber attached directly to our premises with no wireless involved is the fastest, safest, most secure and energy efficient way to connect to the Internet. But we can't rely on profit-driven corporations to provide it.  

Now is the time to join our voices and demand responsible technology. 

Our future may depend on it.

A Litany of Harm

 What are the ramifications of 5G & our growing dependence on wireless tech?

  • Compromised cybersecurity, public safety, and privacy.
  • Corporate greed, regulatory corruption, and digital addiction.
  • An increasingly fast-paced world of distraction marked by a lack of authentic connection to nature, others and ourselves.
  • Environmental degradation and climate crisis. 
  • A threat to wildlife and to all of life, including our well-being.

Gather Your Resources 

We've Done the Work for You...

From planning a meeting, launching a letter-writing or petition campaign, to forming a community group and staging a memorable protest - these Templates, Toolkits & More make building a safe technology movement fun and easy.

Why Choose 5G, when Wired Fiber-to-the-Premises is the fastest, safest and smartest way to cross the Digital Divide?

Microcells rely on fiber to function. Skip the wireless transmitters and you have the best connectivity possible - perfect for meeting 21st Century "Smart City" applications. Communities can even build wired fiber networks themselves, keeping the information highway open and in local hands. 


It's Going to take a Groundswell to stop 5G

Step by step, we can do it. Join the Safe Tech movement, and reclaim the CALM.