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What Needs To Be Done?

Educate your Local Leaders.

The Tools & Templates listed HERE will make reaching out to local policymakers in Canada a breeze.

The Time to Act is Now

Once the millimetre wave spectrum is released in Canada (the date is yet to be determined), the wireless industry plans to beam 5G from microcells placed beside our homes and workplaces in towns and cities across the nation. Telecoms are already placing transmitters that beam signals they are calling 5G on macro towers. (Learn more about the different types of 5G being sold to us Here.) They have also begun to beam 5G from the sky, blanketing our rural and remote regions with wireless signals via satellite. If we don’t speak up, there will soon be no radiation-free spaces left.

Until we provide information on the very serious risks 5G and wireless technology pose to our health, pollinators, privacy, security and energy consumption, our towns will continue to unwittingly approve applications to put toxic 4G and 5G microcell antennas at the curb right outside our homes.

Many local leaders believe that because telecommunications and radiocommuncations fall under federal jurisdiction in Canada, they have no say in where or whether antennas are placed, but that’s not entirely true.Yes, the federal government has the power to override a municipality’s decision to object to a tower. But, whoever owns the public rights-of-way (usually the town, sometimes the province) signs the contracts that allow microcells to be installed on our streets. For more on the regulatory aspects of microcells in Canada, Click Here.

Your town may have applications before them right now. The time to open the conversation, share the facts, and guide our local leaders to make wise and informed decisions is now.  

How to Begin? 

1. Live the change you want to see in the world

Carve out space in your life from technology and replace the virtual with things of genuine meaning and substance – interpersonal connection, family, nature, creativity, giving back. As we return to living more fully in the now, the “need” for 24/7 connectivity may fall away, with 5G following in its wake. The suggestions found here will help you create a healthier and happier relationship with digital tech.

2. Start educating everyone around you.

Given the strength of industry messaging, one voice is too easily dismissed. But together, we are invincible. As soon as you can, take advantage of one or more of these ways to educate and mobilize others:

3. Speak to your town.

Once you have a local group – even a handful is a good start – ask for a meeting with your town leaders. Call your town office and ask, “May I please speak with the person in charge of cell tower applications?”

Once you have the right person indicate, “I’m starting to hear about some serious risks around 4G/5G small cell antennas. It looks like this will directly affect our town. Many other places are finding a way around it. May we arrange a time to meet to discuss this?”

Use this guide to help your prepare. A professional, collaborative, solutions-based approach with your town will go a long way! Be polite but persistent with your follow-through.

4. Work with your town on solutions.

Share any or all of the Documents for Local Governments listed at the top of this page with your town.

If a collaborative approach is not successful, consider launching the Freedom of Information Tools found here, or presenting a formal presentation to your council using the ideas here, or staging one of the many protest/public education ideas found here. With persistence, this issue will soon reach a tipping point.

Please Take the First Step

For those who’ve never done anything like this before, we can’t get to safe technology without you. You can do this 🙂 Thanks for jumping in to do your part in your own community!

For tips on working with social media, launching letter and petition campaigns and more, make sure you check out our Complete Tool Kit HERE, and join one of our Campaigns in process now. This is a fast, effective way to make a difference.

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The content of this page was adapted from a letter sent by Cece Doucette, MTPW, Co-founder, Massachusetts for Safe Technology