Constructing a New Story

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The Dominant Narrative and 5G

Government and Big Telecom are selling us 5G as a game changer that is essential to faster browsing speeds. But as this Wall Street Journal report on 5G trials in South Korea shows, the truth is, you may barely notice the difference. And as this International Business Times report on China admits, the costs of 5G appear to outweigh the benefits.

Those who protest against 5G are being called “Luddites” or “Technophobes”. Yet why the rush to embrace another new technology that carries potentially serious risks and brings spurious benefits? Because a tiny percentage of people will gain an awful lot of money, is one reason. And because companies and governments will be given unprecedented amounts of power and control over civilians is another.

Safe tech activists recognize that our current dominant economic and political story is deeply failing us. It has lead to the corporatization of our lives, to environmental crisis, social inequality, and a rampant disconnect from ourselves, each other, and the natural world. 

Clearly, our old and current institutions have run their course. It is time to re-imagine what they need to become. Technology is meant to support us, not shape us. Let’s build things that are affordable, beautiful, useful – things that last. Wireless technology, with its planned obsolescence is not that thing. How then, do we get from here to there?

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All Facts and No Narrative Make for a Dull Movement

We navigate the world through stories. When we want to make sense of something, the sense we seek is not scientific sense, but narrative credibility. As humans we are storied creatures, and a string of facts and figures – however important they may be – has no power to displace a persuasive story. The only thing that can replace a story is … a story.

Once Upon a Time …

Close your eyes, take a deep breath and imagine Electromagnetic Radiation as being the living air – this air that enfolds us is our earth’s skin. Inside this skin we are all closely connected. Inside this thin, fluctuating skin, all of life is held.

It is clearly time for new, restorative narratives to emerge, stories of how we achieve a healthy planet, of the steps we take, as people, industry and governments caring for our planet. These stories will ground us in what we are, humans, sharing this living air. These stories are anchored in deep body wisdom and the knowledge that exposure to artificial electromagnetic frequencies deeply impairs our pineal glands’ ability to help us feel interconnected to all of life. 

We are, because the Earth is. We are, because the trees are. We are, because the oceans are. We are, because the honeybees are. New research shows that life is a complex web of ecosystems. In mycelial networks between trees and within soil, there are multi-faceted systems of communication, nourishment, and protection that seem to approach consciousness.

All Indigenous traditions – and each of us is indigenous to somewhere – are rooted in connection and in the understanding that everything alive has its own unique vibration, a frequency that emanates throughout the entire universe and resonates deep within. Wireless and cellular signals disrupt the ability of all living things to live in a balanced rhythm with the harmonic frequencies that surround us. 

A Story of Authentic Connection

It is time for us to imagine otherwise. Our new story reminds us that we are intrinsically connected to the natural world and to one another. It tells us that if something can be decided locally it should not be decided nationally. It places telecommunication ownership and control in the hands of the community, not a corporation. Audacious, regenerative – this story relies on each of us changing our ways and choosing a path that invites all living beings to thrive.