Info Flyers to Share



Add the name and contact info of your group to any of these flyers, print, and hand them out at public and school events, town meetings, street fairs and other places where people congregate. You will be surprised by how many people share your concern about 5G and want to learn more. Encourage them to join your group.

To Download a Flyer, click on its picture below. 

1. 5G Fact Sheet 


This 5G fact sheet from Environmental Health Trust provides a wealth of information on 5G technology, and includes hyperlinks to relevant scientific studies. This colour version has hyperlinks – perfect for sharing electronically. For the black and white printable version, click here.


2. Neighbourhood Flyer

An easy-to-read overview of issues linked to the deployment of 5G and its massive network of antennas in Canada. It’s ideal for neighbourhood or town meetings, or meetings with local officials, and comes in 4 versions:.

Colour  and Black and White for home printing

Colour and  Black and White for professional printing.

3. Telecommunications for the 21st Century Fact Sheet


This 1-page colour printable focuses on the massive energy consumption and environmental ramifications of wireless networks and 5G.




4. Climate Change, 5G and the Internet of Things 


This 2-page colour fact sheet from Environmental Health Trust shows how the unbridled energy consumption of 5G and the Internet of Things contributes to global climate change. The five blue boxes along the right side of its first page are hyperlinked to research studies. 


6. 5G and the Natural World


This 2-page black and white flyer produced by our friends at Americans for Responsible Technology shows how 5G could dramatically alter our natural world. Send it to government bodies and to environmental groups, along with this sample cover letter.




6. Mock Informed Consent Agreement for the Installation of Small Cell Towers in your Neighbourhood


This fun, slightly flippant document is perfect to share with those who may need a little more convincing of 5G’s harms.