Launching a Media Campaign

Telling stories through the media allows us to reach new audiences, incite new people to join our campaign, increase public support, and grow our movement.

Media Toolkit

Rise for Climate has prepared this excellent and detailed Media Toolkit that walks us through how to use the news to communicate our power, campaigns and movement with the world. The toolkit includes tips on training spokespeople and identifying our communications goals.

Simply download the Toolkit replace the Climate Change talking points in it with these Talking Points on Microcells and 5G, personalize the content for media releases, and you are on your way to launching a successful media campaign. 

This handy sheet will help you prepare for an upcoming interview or be ready to respond to press at one of your 5G events. To write compelling Letters to the Editor use the tips and templates found Here.


Soundbites for Interviews

(Adapted from 5G Crisis)












This is about the health and safety of our kids. Nothing is more important.

It’s simple: We have evidence of harm, and the wireless industry has no evidence of safety. So they should stop putting these antennas in our neighborhoods.

There’s a big difference between voluntary exposure and involuntary exposure. The roll-out of microcells in neighbourhoods across the country will result in involuntary exposure to a proven health hazard for millions of Canadians. That’s just wrong.

We’re not against technology. We’re against technology that has been proven to be harmful to human health.

There’s a simple solution: fiber optic directly to your home or apartment. It’s faster, healthier, greener, more reliable and less susceptible to hacking.