Creative Petition Delivery

Creative petition deliveries allow organizers to turn online outcry into offline action. By becoming unavoidably visible to a campaign target, creative deliveries make sure the voices of thousands of petition signers are publicly heard. It’s helpful to find creative ways to physically quantify the number of petition signatures. A number of well-labeled boxes rolled into a target’s office is a tried and true approach,

You don’t have to physically occupy the same space as your target. Attracting media attention can also be an effective way to make sure your message is heard.

An Example

For a petition asking the World Health Organization to investigate and regulate the link between swine flu and giant pig farms, Avaaz set up 200 cardboard pigs — each representing 1,000 petition signers — in front of the World Health Organization building in Geneva, providing the media with a visual hook on which to peg stories about factory farms and swine flu.