What if I want faster Internet?

The Canadian Radio and Television Commission (CRTC) has declared high-speed broadband internet an essential service. But giving telecoms carte blanche to fulfill this mandate creates a conflict of interest.

In the name of faster Internet, hundreds of thousands of 5G satellites are being launched into our skies, interfering with weather detection at a time of climate crisis, and denying astronomers and every living thing on Earth a dark night sky.

Built-in obsolesce, competition for subscribers, and data mining for profit and control are just a few of the reasons commercially-owned wireless networks don’t support the public good. The alternative? Recent breakthroughs in fiber optic technology make it the best, and fastest option for bringing high speed internet to Canada’s remote communities. Want to truly rethink the Internet? Think about  locally owned and wired fiber-optic based broadband networks instead of wireless 5G.