Protective Actions taken by other Elected Representatives

1. Letter Sent by Pitt Meadows, BC Council to MP

In July 2018, the Council of Pitt Meadows, BC sent this excellent letter to their MP, voicing concern about cell antenna placement in their community, Safety Code 6, Radiofrequency radiation and 5G.

2. Letter written by CWTA to Mayor of County of Renfrew, Ontario

In Canada, if a local government refused to allow microcells, the telecom would likely turn to ISED for arbitration, as revealed in this letter written to the mayor of the County of Renfrew, Ontario in 2014 by the industry lobby group the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association (CWTA).

3. Response to Crown Castle Application by Village of Western Springs

Some towns in the United States are having success with denying Small Cell permits based on technicalities. In December 2019 the town of Western Springs, Illinois sent a letter to Crown Castle, saying its application for installing 5G antennas was incomplete and deficient. The village identified more than 30 issues with the paperwork, causing Crown Castle to withdraw its application. This is a good template for other towns wishing to hold back small cells.

4.   Final Report of the Commission to Study the Environmental and Health Effects of Evolving 5G Technology

In this groundbreaking document, New Hampshire formulates 15 recommendations to inform and protect the public.The Majority report is contained in the first 17 pages, and the bulk of the document contains supporting appendices and meeting minutes. On pages 5 and 6 of 11 at the end of the document (Appendix O), Commission members Ricciardi and Heroux counter several oft-repeated points of misinformation on the health effects of wireless radiation.


These minutes document an amazing discussion on 5G that took place between politicians and experts at a meeting of the New Hampshire Commission.

At the meeting, politicians discuss the U.S. regulatory body the FCC, industry influence, and 5G and its many associated problems in a manner that demonstrates how elected leaders who have the political will may protect their community’s wellbeing.

6.  New York State Lawmakers Want Answers on 5G Health Effects

In March 2021, members of the New York legislature introduced a bill calling for a formal investigation into the risks, both health and environmental, of all wireless radiation, but especially that from 5G technology. This special commission is slated to report its findings to the legislature by June of 2022.

7. Cincinnati Passes Motion to Explore Methods of Regulating the Proliferation of 5G Small Cells

In March 2021, the City of Cincinnati, passed a motion stating that due to thousands of 5G small cell towers being placed on city streets, the City needs to consider ways to regulate them, even though the state of Ohio eliminated local control over small cells in 2018.