Public Art Intervention & “Chalkavism”

Use Art to evoke, educate and inspire Action.

An Example

The AIDS Quilt was first laid out on the National Mall in Washington, DC in October 1987 during the National March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights.

The Aids Quilt on the Washington Mall, 1987.

Chalkavism ~ Adapted from

“Chalkavism” can be an effective and cheap form of activism. It is meditative, artistic, and fun for the activist. Without engaging in verbal debate, you might inspire someone to think about our issue and search for information.


  • Use a ruler for straight lines and use block lettering.
  • Red and white are the best stand-out colors with black lines for shadowing and highlighting.
  • Use simple language and as few words as possible.
  • Put it where people will see it, but where it won’t get rubbed out right away.
  • Include a link to this website – – for further education.
Chalkavism for Veganism, 2020