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Have Microcells been installed where you live?

This Canadian Cellular Towers Interactive Map shows both macro (large) cell towers and micro (small) cell towers installed across Canada.

To use it, type your town or region into the “Location Search” box and click “Go”.

If you see a whole lot of towers pop up, chances are those are 4G or 5G microcells.

Note: The map is accurate but may not be 100% current.

Ask Questions 

Learn about the policies and contracts where you live

Microcell Policy Checklist

~ Has your local government signed contracts permitting telecoms to install microcells?

~ If contracts have been signed, are these contracts exclusive?

~ Does your local government have an Antenna Siting Protocol?

~ If so, what does it say about microcell transmitters?

Suggested Action

Urge your local government to create the most protective Antenna Siting Protocol possible. They may use this handy checklist or this detailed document as a guide. Several US cities  have created ordinances restricting or prohibiting small cells and 5G. In Canada, federal law does not allow us to create bylaws that regulate where antennas are placed.


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Still Curious?

~ For a comprehensive overview of 5G visit: What is 5G?

~ For in-depth information on the health and environmental effects of electromagnetic radiation visit: the Environmental Health Trust 

~ To learn why the way Health Canada & the wireless industry measure emission levels is misleading, take a peek at this diagram.

~ For a comprehensive look at the inadequacies of Canada’s radiation exposure guideline, Safety Code 6, read Canadians For SafeTechnology - Safety Code 6