Petition Campaigns

How to Launch a Successful Petition Campaign

Petition campaigns are a great way to educate your community while lobbying for change. Paper petitions delivered directly to your local government, MLA or MP’S office may be more successful than online campaigns. One reason for this is that federal MPs are permitted to table one or two petitions each day on issues Canadians care about.

Get Started

1. This editable Petition Template may be used to create your own generic paper petition. Clicking on the link will download the file. Simply  add your content, print and share! 

2. This Petition calling for a Moratorium on 5G is an editable Word Document that is (almost) ready to go. Simply replace the text in red with the name of the government body you are petitioning.


3. This 2-page Petition Guide shows how to launch an effective petition campaign.

Some Tips:

38 Degrees members deliver a petition of over 410,000 names to England’s National Health Service (NHS). Their message: Save Our NHS

Paper or Electronic?

In Canada, there are two types of federally recognized petitions:

1. Official Federal E-petitions

  • Can be shared electronically, by email or on social media
  • Stay open for 120 days
  • With 5 sponsors and 500 signatures, your MP can present it in the House of Commons

To sign or create a federal e-petition in Canada, click here.  This Guide tells you exactly how to create a federal e-petition.

To launch a generic e-petition campaign use this free online tool 

2. Paper Petitions

  • Can be signed at events or passed around the community
  • Can be certified and then tabled as soon as your MP receives them
  • Paper petitions delivered to your MP Require 25 signatures
  • Paper petitions may also be addressed and delivered to your local or provincial elected representatives

Find out how to write your own federal Paper Petition here.