Presentation Templates & Guides

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Preparing a Presentation on Microcells and 5G?

1. Start with this Guide

A Guide to Awakening Local Governments

  • From content and format ideas for Presentations, to tips for answering any hard questions you may be asked, this Guide will help you to incite your local representatives to join the Safe Tech Movement.

2. Check out these Ready-to-Go Presentation Scripts 

1. Short Presentation to Councils or the Community on Microcells and 5G – 3 minutes – PDF

    • This template delivers a powerful 3-minute speech on 5G and microcells designed for local governments or the community. For an editable Microsoft Word version of this document, click here.

2. Microcell Presentation to Councils with a Focus on Health and Children – 7 Minutes – PDF

    • This template delivers a heartfelt 7-minute presentation  on 5G and microcells with a focus on health and children. For an editable Microsoft Word version of this document, click here.

3.There is NO SAFE WAY to implement 5G in our Communities a 7-minute presentation on 5G & Health and fiber optics

    • This clear, concise editable Microsoft Word document provides an excellent overview of the health effects of 5G and the safe alternative of wired fiber-to-the-premises. Send it as a letter to all levels of government, or use it as the content for a 7-minute presentation to elected representatives. This overview was adapted from a letter written by Dr. Ronald Powell to Maryland State legislators.

3. Perhaps Use this PowerPoint or PDF Slideshow 

Although this 40-slide presentation created by our friends at SafeG breaks the 10-20-30 rule : ), it is solutions-based, ready-to-use, and very well done.

Download it as a PowerPoint File Here.

Download it is as a PDF Document Here.

This quick PDF tutorial shows you how to loop a PDF as a slideshow with the free program Adobe Acrobat Reader. (Download Adobe Reader from Adobe Here.)

4. And Here is an Editable Brief for You To Submit after your Presentation

Information Kit for Councils

This editable Microsoft word document offers Councils an excellent overview of the regulatory, health, privacy, liability, and environmental issues stemming from 5G, and makes suggestions about what governments can do about them. Tailor it to your needs, or fill in the blanks and submit it as to support your Presentation. 

Three More Submissions Made to Local Governments in Canada

This editable and well-researched brief on 5G and Microcell installations was submitted to the City of Winnipeg in February 2020, by former Government of Canada Scientist Margaret Friesen. It  may be personalized for your own submission. 

This beautiful editable word document – Small Cells and a Wireless World –  was submitted by Oona McOuat to the local government of Salt Spring in March 2017. Feel free to adapt it to your community.

This info-packed submission was presented to the Council of Wolfville, Nova Scotia by Andrea Schwenke Wyile and Glenda Pavelich  in 2020.