5G in Space

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Should I be concerned about 5G in Space?


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1. Astronomers Concerns Intensify With SpaceX’s Latest Starlink Launch  Forbes Magazine ~ January 2020

“Hundreds of thousands of 5G-providing satellite mega-constellations are being launched this decade. But there’s an enormous cost to one of humanity’s greatest and oldest resources: the night sky. These swarms of satellites are not only an unprecedented source of light pollution to skywatchers and amateur astronomers, but threaten ground-based astronomy as never before…..

As astronomer Caitlin Casey put it, “The fact that one person, or one company, can take control and completely transform humans’ experience of the night sky, and not just humans, but every organism on Earth … that seems profoundly wrong.”

2. Global 5G wireless deal threatens weather forecasts

Meteorologists including those from NASA and the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration say international standards for wireless technology could degrade crucial satellite measurements of water vapour.

3. More satellites will damage the conditions of Life on Earth

This paper was presented by scientists at the spring 2020 session of the Norwegian national assembly in response to Norway’s plans to launch low earth orbit satellites for 5G.