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1. 5G hackers: These eight groups will try to break into the networks of tomorrow | Steve Ranger, ZDNet, December 2019

European computer security agency Enisa has listed the groups it thinks are most likely to attempt to hack into 5G networks, warning that security threats to telecoms infrastructure and beyond will expand with the arrival of next-generation mobile connectivity.

2. Cyber-attacks are among top three risk to society, alongside natural disaster and extreme weather, Danny Palmer | Computer Business Review | January 2018

“Nations’ reliance on the internet and connected services means the potential damage from cyber-attacks is one of the biggest risks facing the world today, according to a report from the World Economic Forum (WEF).”

3. National Security Implications of 5th Generation (5G) Mobile Technologies

A US Congressional Research Service paper updated in May 2020 explains that fifth-generation mobile data technology can have “many military applications. One such application is for “autonomous military vehicles,” that is, robotic air, land and naval vehicles capable of autonomously performing attack missions without even remote control.

5G will allow autonomous military vehicles to use an external data storage and processing system, similar to the current Cloud for personal file storage. This system can make possible “new military operational concepts”, such as “swarming”, in which each vehicle automatically connects to the others to carry out the mission (e.g. an air attack on a city or a naval attack on a port).

4. Telus plans rollout of 5G network using Huawei technology  CBC News | Feb 13, 2020

Despite the Chinese component maker being accused of stealing state secrets and being an arm of the Chinese government, telecommunications company Telus Corp. says it is planning to roll out its 5G network in the near future using technology from Chinese component maker Huawei.

5. US defence secretary warns Huawei 5G will put alliances at risk  Patrick Wintour | The Guardian | February 15, 2020

At the February 15, 2020 Munich Security Conference, the US defence secretary, Mark Esper, warned that US alliances including the future of Nato were in jeopardy if European countries went ahead with using Chinese Huawei technology in their 5G networks.