Distributed Action

A distributed action is a particularly useful tactic when a movement is young, dispersed, and minimally networked.

This is how it works:

A group of people create a call to action, and provide a message or framework for others to take similar action at the same time. Days (or weeks) of action can be highly disciplined and structured, or they can be more like a potluck dinner, where everybody brings the dish they feel like cooking up.

The call to action should resonate not just with your core supporters and networks, but should tell a story that the general public will understand, motivating new leaders to participate. It can be helpful to provide some extra resources for those activists who have never organized an action before. This can be as simple as posting a web link to this site.

An Example

Coordinate a Non-Consent to Wireless Infrastructure Campaign in your community or your Province. This campaign relies on a large group of people sending the same form to the same people at the same time. Get the form you need and learn more HERE.


Stop 5G International coordinates global days of protest throughout the year. Get notified through their mailing list so you can organize an event in your area.