Flash Mob

Flash mobs first emerged in 2003 as a form of participatory performance art, with groups of people using email, blogs, text messages, and Twitter to arrange to meet and perform some kind of playful activity in a public location.

Bryan Divisions “5G-5D” is the perfect song for a 5G flash mob dance choreography.

Whether it’s a mass pillow fight – bring a pillow, hit anyone else carrying a pillow – or a bank shut-down  – get in line, ask the teller for your entire account balance in pennies, and be disarmingly polite – the invitation to participate in a flash mob is easy to share. When multiplied by tens or hundreds of people, it can lead to complex, dispersed and powerfully effective actions.

Pillow fight on Wall Street, organized by Newmindspace in 2009. The widely circulated invitation read simply: “Bring a pillow to Wall St & Broad St at 3:00 pm. Dress in business suits, demand your bailout.” Photo by Karen Blumberg.