Won’t 5G give us better cell service?


Due to the limitations of cell networks, traffic is constantly re-routed from 4G or 5G to Wi-Fi. This 2017 study estimates Wi-Fi will offload more than $80 billion USD worth of traffic each year from 5G. So far, the 5G cellular experience in places like the US, Korea and China has been disappointing. 5G’s high speed millimetre wave bands lack the reach to connect to your phone all the time. Other frequencies being coined 5G (learn more about that here) have a long reach and stable connectivity but offer speeds that aren’t much faster than 4G LTE.

80% of cellular use happens indoors. We do not need microcell antennas placed by our homes to provide cell service for the 20% of our time when our usage is mobile. For the vast majority of our connection needs, fiber connected directly to the premises, with the option of using a home Wi-Fi network or better yet, wiring our devices to our router, is the fastest and most secure way to go.

            (Yes, you can connect your iPhone to a wired network through Ethernet!)