Will 5G deliver on its promises?

5G is being marketed as a “game-changer” – as the gateway to a bright new future of possibility and innovation. 

The truth? Wired fiber optics can bring the benefits 5G promises faster and more reliably.

Here’s the Hype about 5G:

Share crystal-clear live video even from a sold-out stadium.

  • Why distract yourself by live-streaming an event? If you feel compelled to share things over a Smart Phone, use 4G to stream a few minutes worth. That is all most social media viewers will watch anyway.

Visit your doctor without leaving home, with life-like virtual visits and remote care.

  • Using a secure, reliable fiber connection is the smart way to share personal medical information over the Internet. A mobile connection would be a last resort. 

Stress less with Smart City breakthroughs, from reduced traffic to safer neighborhoods.

  • The basic backbone of a smart city is fiber. Wireless is for the few things that can not be wired and are really needed.

Load apps and sites faster than you can blink with potentially up to 20X faster download speeds. 

  • Fiber is up to 20X faster than wireless 5G with symmetrical upload and download speeds. This means you can create and share content as easily as you can consume it.

Get emergency help quicker, with first responders sharing vital information essentially in real-time.

  • A wired fiber connection is always the fastest, most secure way to connect. If you need mobile, 3G or 4G is enough. 5G adds little or nothing. If most people move to fiber access for the majority of their usage, then 3G or 4G will perform better when you actually need wireless access.

5G will help enable transformative mobile services like self-driving cars and interactive distance learning.

  • Wireless is too unreliable and unpredictable for anything safety-related such as automatic driving functions. For non-vital functions, wireless devices are a driver-distraction. Remote learning is tough enough without trying to do it on a mobile device. Fiber wired directly to the premise is the answer.