Dr Martin Pall: The Mechanism of Harm

Dr. Pall links the harm caused by RFR to the way it affects the calcium levels in our cells and the channels that allow calcium to flow in and out. Calcium plays many important roles in our bodies. The role calcium plays as a biological signaling molecule is what is affected by RFR exposure. RFR damages cells by increasing calcium levels inside the cells, which leads to heightened oxidative stress.

On a molecular level, the excess calcium released inside these cells causes an enormous increase in both nitric oxide and superoxide, which spontaneously combine to form one of the most damaging molecules in our bodies — peroxynitrite.

Once formed, peroxynitrite attacks key molecules and damages cells, including DNA, and can cause disease. Research has linked RFR to many illnesses, including cancer, neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s Parkinson’s and ALS, neuropsychiatric disorders, and infertility.

The story gets worse before it will get better. : )  Humans aren’t the only species with channels that allow calcium to flow in and out of cells. Animals, plants, food crops, insects and even microbes are affected. According to Pall’s research, RFR harms everything with DNA.