Info Kits & Guides

1. Information Kit for Councils

This editable word document offers Councils an excellent overview of the regulatory, health, privacy, liability, and environmental issues stemming from 5G, and makes suggestions about what governments can do about them. Tailor it and the cover letter it contains to your needs, or fill in the blanks and submit it to support your Presentation to Council. 

2.  A Guide to Awakening Local Governments

From content and format ideas for Presentations, to tips for answering any hard questions you may be asked, this Guide will help you to incite your local representatives to join the Safe Tech Movement.

3.  Getting it wrong in Getting it right: Preparing for 5G deployment in your municipality

What do local governments need to know about the practical, policy and logistical implications 5G will have on your community?  In February 2020, the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) published “Getting it Right: Preparing for 5G deployment in your municipality”, a guide that is fraught with inaccuracies and bias.

Our document, “Getting it Wrong in Getting it Right”, addresses these inaccuracies and supports local governments in making well-informed telecommunication decisions.