Guerrilla Projection

With a single high-powered projector, you can turn the side of a building into a huge advertisement for your cause, plastering your message on a spot that would otherwise be out of reach. It is relatively cheap and risk free compared to, say, trespassing onto a building’s roof to hang a banner off it. Most importantly, it is visually powerful. Before you do it, check that it is legal to place an “advertisement” on someone else’s property where you live.

An Example

On the eve of the Great American Smokeout in 1994, INFACT hit the Philip Morris building in New York with a running count of the number of children addicted to cigarettes. With simple online tools, your projection can become interactive and crowd-sourced. Supporters on the street — or a continent away — can text, tweet or email in their own messages to be projected in real time.

An up-to-the minute count of the number of kids that have become addicted to tobacco is projected above the front entrance to the corporate headquarters of Philip Morris in New York City,1994.