Hashtag Campaign

What is a hashtag?

Twitter hashtags combine a “#” symbol and a keyword that connect posts from different authors. Posts that share a hashtag can be viewed together in a single place.

Hashtag campaigning is all about using hashtags to strategically frame, convene, and drive key conversations. A well-chosen hashtag will positively define the values associated with your political position, and draw more people to your side of the debate.

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An Example: Round Dance Revolution

By December 2012, the Idle No More movement was in full swing. Rallies were being held across Canada and internationally; the hashtag #idlenomore was trending on Twitter It was in this context that a group of organizers put out a call to action on Facebook asking “Aboriginal people, non-Aboriginal people, Metís, youth, and anyone willing to dance/sing/drum with us” to meet at the Cornwall Centre shopping mall in Regina, Saskatchewan. While the flash mob itself lasted less than 15 minutes, videos and articles about it circulated widely on the Internet.

Another round dance took place the following day in the West Edmonton Mall in Alberta. These actions captured the imagination of others in the movement, and dozens of round dance flash mobs began popping up in malls and public spaces across Canada and the US.

Round dance flash mobs became a strong enough presence in the Idle No More movement for some to begin referring to it as the “round dance revolution.” Organizers had hit upon a way to combine social media and flash mobs — both highly popular forms of activism among young people — with traditional music and dance in a way that bridged generations and cultures.

Drummers at a round dance flash mob held at the Eaton Centre shopping mall in Toronto, December 30, 2012 as a part of the hashtag campaign #idlenomore. Photo: Kevin Konnyu