Make a Human Banner

A human banner is an engaging, participatory action that makes a single, unified statement with hundreds or thousands of people. It is a powerful, expressive tactic that works well for media coverage. It’s unusual, remarkable, notable, people-powered, and made up of a lot of individual human interest stories. When composed correctly, it delivers the money shot the media is always looking for – a single iconic photo.

How to Do it

Message: Your image needs to communicate your message concisely and powerfully. Words and symbols are easiest to lay out.

The site: An iconic background anchors your photo to a place.

Photography: Getting at least one great aerial photo is your goal.

Crowd: You’ll definitely want enough folks to fill in your lettering, plus a cadre of event volunteers. Pre-registration prevents last-minute scrambling. 

Water is Life – Clayoquot Sound, 2017.Photo by Adam Clinton