Make the Invisible Visible

Electromagnetic radiation cannot be seen by the naked eye, yet causes great harm. If you can’t see it, you can’t change it, so the first task of an activist is often to make the invisible visible. 

While dreaming up ways to bring that harm into public view, draw on these examples:

  • The makers of the movie Gasland, lit some Pennsylvania tap water on fire, powerfully refuting years of industry denial with a single powerful visual demonstration.
  • Forest activists filled several city intersections with the stumps of cut-down trees.
  •  When Kodak was caught discharging toxins from its manufacturing plant in upstate New York, Greenpeace created a public fountain that brought the effluent from the pipe — normally out of site below the water surface — cascading into public view.

    Iranian environmental activists and artists planted these stumps on a street in the city of Kerman to protest against deforestation.