Nature: Wildlife and Plants

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1. 5G and the Natural World

This 2-page black and white flyer produced by our friends at Americans for Responsible Technology shows how 5G could dramatically alter our natural world. Send it to government bodies and to environmental groups, along with this sample cover letter.

 2. Cell Tower Radiation Affects Wildlife: Dept. of Interior Attacks FCC, Joel Moskowitz Ph.D. | March 2014

In this post, Joel Moskowitz shares a 2014 letter to CTIA, America’s wireless industry organization, from the U.S. Department of Interior that states that the U.S. Federal Communications Commissions’ (FCC’s) standards for cell phone radiation are outmoded and do not adequately protect wildlife.

3. Effect of Millimeter Waves on Peroxidase Activity in Wheat Shoots

This 2013 Armenian-based study suggests low-intensity mmWs cause “peroxidase isoenzyme spectrum changes” in wheat shoots – a stress protein in plants.

4. EKLIPSE Knowledge Overview Report – The impacts of artificial Electromagnetic Radiation on wildlife (flora and fauna)

This scientific Review on the effects of electromagnetic radiation on plants and wildlife was published by the European Union’s Eklipse Biodiversity Project in 2020.

5. More satellites will damage the conditions of Life on Earth

This paper was presented by scientists at the spring 2020 session of the Norwegian national assembly in response to Norway’s plans to launch low earth orbit satellites for 5G.

6. Radio Frequency, EMFs & Health Risks: Animals, Birds, Insects & Plants

This is Section 6 of a vast document called Radiofrequency EMFs and Health Risks prepared by Alasdair and Jean Philips in November 2018.

7. Trees not 5G Campaign Fact Sheet

Use this for a “Trees not 5G” Campaign.

8. Wireless Silent Spring, Dr. Cindy Russell MD | VP Community Health SCCMA | Oct. 2018 

Dr. Cindy Russel examines the effects biologists have found wireless technology has on wildlife and then compares the histories, mechanisms and impacts of pesticides and wireless radiation.

“Our ill-fated desire to control nature as well as our tendency to ignore our own complicity in its destruction for profit was the focus of a seminal 1962 book, ‘Silent Spring.’ This publication is widely credited with ushering in the modern environmental movement…There are many similarities between the silent spring created in cities and farms from pesticides and that of wireless technology with the rapid and widespread adoption of cell towers.”