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 1. Insurance and Liability Freedom of Information Request Template for Councils in Canada

Use this editable Freedom of Information Request Template to learn if your Council has allowed the installation of uninsured infrastructure where you live. If the Telecom installing the equipment does not have coverage for damages resulting from wireless infrastructure and electromagnetic fields and radiation, then your Council must have a policy that covers this. If they do not, they will be financially liable for any lawsuits resulting from this uninsured wireless infrastructure.

2. Legal Letter from Santa Fe_Small Cells & Liability

When the city of Santa Fe, New Mexico signed an ordinance facilitating the installation of microcells, the Mayor received this letter about liability from a lawyer.

3. Notification of Wireless Harm for Municipal Governments in Canada, Citizens for Safe Technology | October 2017

This document was sent to every municipality in British Columbia in 2017 as a precautionary note against installing microcells. Should lawsuits occur due to damages incurred from microcells installed on city-owned streets, these local governments can’t say they were not warned!

4. TELUS Management Discussion and Analysis 2019 Quarter 1_Excerpts

In this excerpt from their 2019 Management Discussion and Analysis, Telus warns shareholder that litigation due to data theft, electromagnetic radiation, microcell siting issues, and more could eat into their profits and that “Readers are cautioned not to place undue reliance on forward-looking statements.”