Find your Point of Intervention

Where you choose to do an action is as important as what you choose to do. A point of intervention is a physical or conceptual place where pressure may be put to push for change.

Here are five types of Points of Intervention:

  1. Points of Production (for instance, a factory)
  2. Points of Destruction (a logging road, a small cell tower site)
  3. Points of Consumption (a retail store) Actions include consumer boycotts and storefront demonstrations.
  4. Points of Decision (a corporate headquarters, a government office) to put pressure on key decision-makers
  5. Points of Assumption (a foundational narrative or a place of symbolic importance).

Point-of-assumption actions can take many different forms, such as exposing hypocrisy, reframing the issue, amplifying the voices of previously silenced characters in the story, or offering an alternative vision. If the basic assumptions and the story being told about an issue can be exposed as contrary to people’s lived experience or core values, entire belief systems can be shifted. 

Addressing Points of Assumption and Wireless Tech

The story we are being told is we need more and more wireless infrastructure to provide us with faster data. The lived experience is that more and more people are getting ill as a result of  24-7, involuntary exposure to this infrastructure.  

Read the stories of some of those harmed by wireless technology here: We Are The Evidence

Intervention at the point of decision. Image by Grassy Narrows Asubpeeschoseewagong Anishinabek