Stay on Message

Message discipline is the art of communicating what you set out to communicate, clearly, memorably, and consistently.

Everything from your talking points for an interview (Click Here for some Talking Points for 5G) to the slogans on your banner (Click Here for some Slogans) to the visuals you create for an event (Click Here for some Visuals) should all align to support your core message.


In interviews: Spokesfolks should practice the ABC’s: Acknowledge the question; Build a bridge from the question to your talking points; and Communicate your message.

For example:

  “That’s a great question,” or “I’m glad you asked that.”

B     “I think the important issue is . . ” or “The real question is . . ”

C     Insert your clear, concise, powerfully worded message.

At events:

Everything your audience sees or hears at your action is inevitably a part of your message, so pay attention to details. What are your spokesfolks wearing? Are they talking or texting on cell phones? A bit of mindfulness as your event unfolds can ensure the impact you desire.

New York Police Department communicating a very clear message, 2020