Email & Digital Campaigns

Digital Activism Uses the Internet, Email, and Social Media to Launch Social Change. 

  • Learn How to use Social Media to Build a Movement HERE
  • Launch an Email Campaign today using this Editable Email Action Alert Template.
  • To Learn How to write power-packed emails and launch amazing digital campaigns, keep reading below.

Elevate your Email

Optimize for Mobile

Over half of all emails are opened on cell phones. 75% of users scan content they read online instead of reading word for word. To maximize the reach of email sent, create messages that are mobile optimized and easy to scan.


  • Use plenty of white space
  • Create sections & subheadings


  • Use large, easy-to-read text
  • Create concise content and use short sentences
  • Highlight keywords & sentences in bold
  • Provide lists or bullet points


  • Use large, clear images
  • Use visible, mobile-friendly call-to-action buttons


Building Stellar Digital Campaigns

Digital Tools

The tools used by digital activists are vast, and constantly changing as technology evolves. A few basics are listed below. To become an expert digital campaigner use this in depth Info-Activism How-To Guide

Online petitions

Websites such as and are hubs of online activism. Learn more about Petition Campaigns here.


As a form of citizen journalism, when written clearly and concise, blogs can grow our movement.Hosts include WordPress, Blogger and Wix


When used consistently, micro-blogging sites like Twitter are effective ways to help spread awareness of an issue or an activist event. Learn more about creating memorable hashtags here


Sites like Kickstarter and gofundme are popular ways of financing specific causes, projects or events. They are most effective when used in tandem with social media and an email list.


SurveyMonkey has a free plan that is limited in scope, but adequate for a basic yet professional-looking online survey.

Digital Advocacy Umbrella Sites

Paid membership sites like do gooder and The Action Network offer an array of tools for building online movements. 

Photo by Jan van der Wolf