Social Media Campaigns

10 Tips for Using Social Media to Build a Movement

As ironic as it may be, the (wired) internet is our best organizing tool! From humanizing the issue to telling visual stories, social media whizzes know that a picture paints a 1000 words.The short list of big ideas below (also available for download Here) will strengthen your social media reach. 

Learn how to write power-packed emails and launch amazing digital campaigns Here. To become an expert digital campaigner use this Info-Activism How-To Guide

The 10 Tips

Know your Audience

Who are your allies? Expand your support by making your activism accessible and inclusive.

Frame Your Message

Find a concise and compelling way of describing your campaign. Keep it positive. Instead of “Stop 5G” say:

    • “We Have a Right to a Healthy Home.”
    • “Join the Safe Tech Movement”
    • “Where Will the Children Play?”

Build a Memorable Hashtag

    • #OurStreetsOurChoice
    • #WiredByChoice
    • Find Inspiration Here
A memorable hashtag combined with an eye-catching image of food from grocery store dumpsters = a successful awareness campaign on food waste.


Humanize the purpose of your cause.

Tell your Story

Who does this issue impact? How are you changing the world? Tell me a story, get me involved, and help me see myself in your story. Find tips for Constructing your Narrative here.

Keep Social Media Usage Visual 

Focus on sharing visual elements rather than links, text or video on your social platforms. A recent study shows that the mind processes visuals 60,000 times faster than it processes text. Here are some memes to get you started.

Use Visual Stories

Take pictures and post them on sites like Instagram, Facebook, Google+, and Pinterest and then write the story behind the images. Or take video and add a spoken audio story.

Before and After

Engage and inspire your followers with true before and after stories. 

Create Interactive Online Campaigns

Example: Organize a call-to-action letter-writing campaign.

      • Use social media to spread the word.
      • Designate a campaign start and finish date.
      • Invite folks living locally to gather to write out postcards for mailing.
      • Encourage those who are not able to attend in person to join in virtually via social media.

Small Steps Have a Major Impact

Suggest others take small steps—like calling their representatives or creating a community EMF-Awareness group. According to Harvard Business Review, easy-to-replicate, low-risk tactics are the most likely to succeed.

BONUS TIP! ~ Share the Work that Other Activists are Doing

Amplify the movement.