Letter Templates

Why Reinvent the Wheel? Use these Letter Templates Today!

Letters for Municipal Leaders

1. Five Short Sample Letters to Oppose Proposed Microcell Installations where you Live PDF Version and Editable Word Doc Version

2. A power-packed 1-page letter on Microcells & 5G for Councils PDF Version and an Editable Word Version

3. A 2-page Letter on Microcells & 5G for Local Governments in Canada ~ PDF and as a Word Document

4. Letter Proposing your Local Govt creates a Technology Task Force ~ PDF and Word Version

5. A Letter asking the liability & insurance questions every local government should consider before agreeing to install 5G. Download a Word Version here.

6. A Letter encouraging your local government to follow the lead of Pitt Meadows, BC and take a proactive and protective stance on the 5G build-out. Download an editable Microsoft Word Version of the letter to send to local official here.

7. Letter to send in the Event Microcells are installed near you ~ PDF and as an editable Word Doc.

Letters to Provincial & Federal Governments 

Use this Tool to find your elected representatives.

1. Short Letter to MP & MLA PDF version.  For an editable Microsoft word doc click here.

2. 2-page Letter on 5G & Microcells for MPs & MLAs. PDF Version. Find an editable Microsoft Word version here.

3. After signing the Urgent Appeal to the Government of Canada to Suspend the 5G Rollout and to Choose Safe and Reliable Fibre Connections, (If you haven’t signed it yet, click Here), send this Postcard to Health Minister Patty Hadju or use this detailed document for lots of ideas for communicating with your MP about the issue of 5G.








Letters for All Leaders

1. A Letter for all Elected Officials

This 1-page editable Word Document (plus a short list of resources) was written by Last Tree Law. It is on Letterhead which adds to its credibility. It may be printed, signed, dated and sent by post (most effective) or copied into the body of an email. 

2. There is NO SAFE WAY to implement 5G in our Communities

This clear, concise editable Microsoft Word document provides an excellent overview of the health effects of 5G and the safe alternative of wired fiber-to-the-premises. 

3.  Notice of Non-Consent Campaign

This editable word document contains Instructions and a Non-Consent form for launching a Wireless Infrastructure Non-Consent Campaign in Canada.

Letters to the Editor


1.To write stellar Letters to the Editor, use this editable Guide which includes content ideas and a general letter template. (Also available for download as a PDF.)

2. For a 158 word ready-to-use letter to the editor, click here..

Mikaela MacKenzie / Winnipeg Free Press


Letters to Neighbours

1. Download and share this letterwith your neighbours if microcells have not yet been placed in your neighborhood. 

2. Download and share this letter if microcells have already been installed.  


Photo by Willy Waterton

Letters to Environmental Groups

Build Alliances. Sharing these letter with organizations that care about the health of our planet will help them understand the ecological and climate change implications of wireless tech and 5G.



1. This editable word doc may be embedded in the body of an email and sent to environmental groups.

2. Send this info-rich hyperlinked email message along with this info flyer to educate environmental stewards in your community on the effects of 5G on the natural world. 

A Letter to Share with IBEW and Other Unions on the front lines

As microcells are placed on utility poles across the nation, electrical technicians and lineworkers are dangerously exposed to high levels of microwave radiation. This editable letter in Microsoft Word highlights the hazards microcells & 5G pose to utility lineworkers. Share it with union reps and for those who work on the front line in telecommunications and utilities to build awareness and help them protect workers’ health.