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Who decides if a microcell gets placed by my home?

Read Taking this Issue to Court in the Regulatory section of the Primer found here.

Documents to Read or Download:

1. Legal Issues Related to Autonomous Cars

This 2017 White Paper from the U.S. legal firm Jones Day provides an overview of autonomous vehicles, defines key terms, explains recent pertinent legislation, and summarizes the actions of regulatory authorities in the U.S. and other nations involved in autonomous vehicle development. Special attention is given the intellectual property, privacy and data protection, and product liability issues related to the introduction of these vehicles.

2. The Law, EMF & 5G in Canada: A Summary Document

This document, which was prepared in January 2021, is a layperson’s compilation of legal strategies and precedents intended to help guide Canadian activists and legal teams in taking legal action directed at suspending 5G and the installation of small cell antennas in our communities. It is by no means exhaustive, but it does provide a framework for understanding what is, and exploring possibilities of what could be.