Fiber Optics

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Can we have fast Internet without 5G?

What if I want faster Internet?

Don’t 21st applications like smart cities, telesurgery, drones, virtual reality and autonomous vehicles need 5G?

Read Wired Fiber: The Smart Choice in the Overview section of the Primer found here

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1.  A  Fiber Optic Breakthrough Could Beat 5G for Rural Internet Access

In early January 2020, a research team from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology transmitted a signal through a fiber optic cable for 323 miles at 200 gigabits per second, due to a breakthrough in fiber optic technology. This is 20 times faster than the speeds 5G promises.

2. Reinventing Wires

This groundbreaking 2018 report by Dr.Timothy Schoechle of the National Institute of Law and Public Policy explains why hard-wired telecommunications infrastructure supports economic growth, bridges the digital divide and diminishes risks to security, privacy, public health and the environment.