Tools for Using Art and Music in Your Actions

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Arts Tool Kit 

Music Tool Kit 

Create a Mass Mural Mobilization

Creative Disruption

Harness the Power of Sound

Hold an Artistic Vigil

Make the Invisible Visible

Public Art Intervention & “Chalkavism”

Tell a Visual Story

Video Letter

Documents to Read or Download:

1. Art Toolkit

Get inspired! This comprehensive toolkit from Rise for Climate will help your team put creativity at the center of your 5G Protest event.

2. Arts Organizing Tips for Mobilization & Actions

This document and its companion Make an Arts Organizing Plan will help you plan how you will use the arts in your movement.

3. Make an Arts Organizing Plan

This document and its companion Arts Organizing For Mobilizations & Actions will help you plan how you will use the arts in your movement.

4. Rise for Climate Songbook

The Rise for Climate Songbook developed by Thrive Street Choir, Peace Poets + RISE Arts features songs you can sing at your events to bring energy and inspiration The Microsoft Word version found here will allow you to change lyrics to make them 5G and EMR relevant if you choose.

5. Simple Chants for 5G Protests

Use these simple chants during Sit-ins, Town Hall Take-over, marches or other demonstrations to create collective focus and raise power.